Simon O'Riordan

Hello. I'm Simon O'Riordan.I'm a professional software engineer, a patented innovator.

I get a big kick out of making things work. With three engineering degrees, one a First Class Honours Bachelor's degree, the other two Post-Graduate, the unifying theme is software, although in different fields; since 1991 and in particular for the past fifteen years, I have used software to solve interesting and commercially important problems.

Recently I'd been working for a small software house near Southampton, a situation I was relishing, using technologies which I had previously had less access to commercially, such as ATL and XML, and of course .NET, STL, and MFC, FTP, LDAP, Sockets and Cryptography.

Also most enjoyably, I was able to acquire additional commercial experience in C++ and C#, including the Mono .NET system for Linux development.

I was working on a variety of projects with potential Blue-Chip clients; unfortunately, due to the recession and not a little tough luck, we dispersed. However, with the current thriving market in IT, it did not take long to find new work, and I am now working for a major British engineering company with global subsidiaries.

In case you want to learn more contact me. Go on, go on! Mrs. Doyle doesn't bite, and I promise I won't send any nuns! And while I'm at it, how about Facebook?

Why don't they use audio adverts on mobile? They've been doing it quite successfully on radio for about a century now, so the concept shouldn't be too alien. Let's

face it, 'Mobile Platform' means smartphones, and rumour has it that Smartphones also do audio, you can even use them to, er, talk! Apparently their shares tanked

because they don't know how to 'monetise' mobile. Not all that bright, are they?:

Enter the website.